Day pass for [THUIS]HAVEN

Great that you are interested in staying in our beautiful garden for a day.

During some weekends we welcome day guests from 11 am to 21 pm (unless we have an event – extra charges may apply). Please know that we don’t serve lunch or dinner. It’s possible to order some snacks, but feel free to bring your own food. We do not allow you to bring your own drinks though.  

Entrance = 50 NAF per person (including cold water and some fruit and snacks during the day)


We regularly organize small events in and around our pool. Think of a barbeque, a small pool party or a happy hour.

The events will mainly be in the late afternoon and evenings, but the start and end time will differ per event. The entrance fee will therefor also differ per event

Mailing/app list (with discretion) and reservations

Please provide us with your email or WhatsApp so we can contact you in advance when there’s an event or an weekend with day passes. We will always have a minimum and maximum capacity so you will always need to make a reservation!

Please note: we will never send group mails or apps!